Red Star over Korea (2002)
Exhibit: Red Star over Korea (2002)

MiG-15 008: Intercept

" A formation of six B-26 Bombers plus escort of four F-84e Thunderjets has been spotted heading towards the large fuel dump to the southeast of your airfield.

Your flight of four MiG-15s is to take off and intercept the Bomber formation before they can deliver the strike package, and you will get a visual on the flight almost as soon as you've left the runway. Two Yak-9s are already in the air, tasked with disrupting the bombers, and will probably engage first. Your wingmen are also tasked with hitting the Bombers, but will defend themselves against the fighters if attacked.

It's your choice as to how to play this one. You really don't have to worry too much about the bombers, because you've already got five planes targeting them, but those planes are in serious danger from the Thunderjets if they get too fixated on the Bombers and don't watch their Artificially Intelligent sixes. You might like to try a one-shot disrupting pass on the Bombers and then turn your attention to dogfighting the Thunderjets. Just go with the flow.

Once all the enemy planes in the vicinity are downed, you may continue to waypoint 1 just in case there are any Bombers lucky enough to have escaped unscathed, and then either press X several times to end the Mission, or continue your waypoint route, and land at Sinmak. Your last waypoint this time is waypoint 2 "Contact Tower", after which you are on your own, so I suggest you call up the ADF, tune into slot 96, and get in the groove.

(The reason that there is no "final descent" waypoint in this mission is that because the enemy aircraft pass so near to your airfield on their bombing run, there is a danger that you would cross your final waypoint before reaching your first waypoint. I believe there's a little Microsoft bug that can't handle you hitting waypoints in the wrong order, and I'd hate you to be dumped to the desktop almost before your wheels have stopped spinning.) "

Red Star over Korea
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Red Star over Korea

Red Star over Korea

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