Red Star over Korea (2002)
Exhibit: Red Star over Korea (2002)

MiG-15 009: Intercept

" Intelligence sources have alerted your High Command to the possibility that General Glenn Barcus is travelling to Kimpo on a morale-boosting visit. The General is known to travel in a specially outfitted B-17, and you are to seek out and destroy this aircraft. Your flight of four takes off from Sinmak, heading south to intercept the suspected flight path of the General and his escort.

Unfortunately, the well-laid plans are disrupted by the sudden appearance of two F-86 Sabre Jets, who proceed to attack your flight.

These aircraft are agile and deadly: They are faster than your MiG, turn almost as well as you do, and have a fantastic roll rate, so you're going to have your work cut out to contain them. Depending on how long it takes for you to get the better of these aircraft, you will either down them and proceed to your next waypoint to encounter the General and his escort, or the General and his escort will stumble across you fighting the F-86 Sabre Jets.

If this happens, you personally must disengage from the Sabres, and go straight for the General's B-17, which to your surprise has all gun turrets fully working and pumping out lead in your direction.

You may take some hits, but you must get the B-17, then you can turn your attention to the escort of four F-80 Shooting Stars, and finish off the Sabres.

Once the B-17 has been downed, and all other enemy aircraft are destroyed or have left the area, you may press X repeatedly to end the mission, or continue through your waypoints to land at Sinmak as previously described. "

Red Star over Korea

Red Star over Korea

Red Star over Korea

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