Soaring Simulator 4 (Der Segelflugsimulator)

Soaring Simulator 4 (Der Segelflugsimulator)

The development team

Programming by Detlev Schwetzler and Uwe Milde.

"We are aerodynamics engineers and therefore concerned with flight physics. Being fascinated by flight simulators, we were often disappointed by the fact that the sometimes expensive programs contain severe errors in flight characteristics. Therefore we tried to do is the result.

The program grew on evenings and weekends over more than seven years, while we payed regard to many suggestions by experts such as glider pilots and instructors.

We want to thank all those, who contributed to the improvement of the program with critics and suggestions. Please carry on, because the development should not stop!"

Der Segelflugsimulator - The Soaring Simulator - version 4 -

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