Sabre Ace (1997) Sabre Ace (1997)
Exhibit: Sabre Ace

Hardware Requirements

Graphics ran very fluidly on my test system - Pentium 233MMXwith no graphics acceleration.

That was until we approached Seoul on the first campaign mission. The frame rate then slowed to about 2/sec.

In January 1999 I tested Sabre Ace again with a Pentium 233MMX and a Creative 3D Blaster Banshee.

The frame rate again was absolutely smooth until the flak was encountered at Seoul. Apparently the playing of the sampled AAA sounds was causing the hit, and it was severe!

I ended up dragging the enemy fighters away from the flak in order to enjoy a smooth dogfight! The next thing to investigate is whether a 32 or 64 bit soundcard will improve performance.


My sources tell me that this performance hit is unavoidable. Even on a Celeron-466 the frame rate staggers when these sounds are playing. You could possibly avoid the problem by playing with the sound off... but who wants to do that?

Unfortunately the sim was released before this problem could be solved.


MiG 15 of a different colour.
The MiG's come in a range of colours.

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