Sabre Ace (1997) Sabre Ace (1997)
Exhibit: Sabre Ace

Takeoff checklist

Takeoff checklist
Write the Altimeter reading in a conspicuous place. Also note your circuit heights by adding the appropriate value. Most of the airfields in Sabre Ace are well above sea level.
Check Flaps set to half
Check Brakes on
Wing leader will advise takeoff
Power FULL 0
Release Brakes B
Rotate at 90 kts
Climb out 10 - 15 deg nose up
Gear UP Shift - G
Flaps UP Shift F - twice
Engage FAD
The FAD will adjust throttle, brake and the stick to keep you in formation. You can still make minor adjustments on the stick.
Shift 9

Sabre Ace (1997)
Formation takeoffs are fun!

A tight formation.
A tight formation.

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