Skyfox, a flight game from 1985. Skyfox, a flight game from 1985.
Skyfox (1985)

Skyfox was released in 1984 on the Apple II and Commodore 64. It featured a fictional Jet Fighter shooting alien spaceships and tanks.

Notable features

  • Bit mapped dogfighting.. The enemy planes "flew" past drawn from about 4 perspectives, quite stunning for the time and pushing the 8 bit processor to it's limits..
  • Needed a full 64K of RAM to run on the Apple II.
  • Takeoff consisted of being launched out of a tunnel!
  • AA and AG missions. You pointed the plane down for a few seconds, a mass of clouds loomed up and voila!...tanks galore. To fight air to air you pointed the plane up and...well you get the idea....

Read about the young programmer Ray Tobey at wikipedia.