Strike Aces or Fighter Bomber Strike Aces or Fighter Bomber Strike Aces or Fighter Bomber
Exhibit: Strike Aces / Fighter Bomber (1989)

Commodore Amiga version



  1. Ammodump - This mission has a 20min timer. Destroy the command tent, bridge, boat, SSI launcher then a second bridge and land at the airport at the last waypoint using Rwy36 or 36L.
  2. Broken Arrow - Destroy the command tent, tank, three artillery pieces and the ammo dump leaving the Red Cross van intact. Air-air refuelling may be required after this. Then destroy the aerial and four SAM launchers at Devils Tower. Collect the secret plans from the airport. Deliver the plans to Miles City AFB and while enroute fly the 'Valley of Death' and destroy the six SAM launchers and the radar, then destroy the large artillery piece by the roadside. Land back at base using Rwy18R. You may get a 3min timer start at any time, during which you must complete the next stage of the mission.
  3. Big Chief - ?
  4. Final Frontier - ?
It may, or may not be of interest to you, but the sim 'Fighter-Bomber' is based on a REAL U.S.A.F. Bombing and Navigation competition held at Ellsworth AFB North Dakota. It was an annual event, but I don't know if it still takes place. For you real Super-Geeks out there, ( some of ) the trophies up for grabs were :
  • JOHN C MEYER TROPHY - precision low-level bombing
  • CURTISS Le MAY TROPHY - precision high and low-level bombing
  • MATHIS TROPHY - best high and low-level bombing sorties
And one more thing - Curtiss Le May was an officer in the USAF who came up with the idea of the competition. "

MiGMan thanks Rob "Bomber" Henderson for these recollections.