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Strike Aces or Fighter Bomber Strike Aces or Fighter Bomber Strike Aces or Fighter Bomber
Exhibit: Strike Aces / Fighter Bomber (1989)

Publisher: Activision and Accolade
Platform: Atari ST, Commodore Amiga and PC
Comments: The sim was set in a bombing competition inspired by Gen. Curtis LeMay's training events. It featured an unusual mix of flyable aircraft: F-4 Phantom , F-15E Strike Eagle, F-111 Aardvark, MiG-27 Flogger, RAF and Luftwaffe Tornado and the Saab Viggen.

How's this for a mission brief :

  1. All enemy targets must be destroyed.
  2. You start with low internal fuel
  3. Due to length of mission, you may require air-air refuelling twice.
  4. Pick up secret plans from specified airport on Rwy36 or Rwy36L and deliver them to other specified airport
  5. Fly down the 'tunnel of death' and also destroy all SAM's in the 'tunnel'.
  6. Land back at base on any Rwy.
  7. Warning, a 10min timer may start at any time during the mission - the mission must be completed before the timer stops.

Tough enough ???

This was the sort of challenge posed by Activision's 1990 Strike Aces or Fighter Bomber.

Gun camera video

Strike Aces or Fighter Bomber by Activision

Tornado Flight Test
Commodore Amiga version
Missions - Covert and Tactical
Missions - Strategic
Missions - Offensive

Title screen - Title Screen - 02
Aircraft ID screen
Arming screen
Enemy selection
In flight
Tornado flight model
Air to Air
Air to Ground
Tactical Map
Box art
Box back

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