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Su-35 - Russian flight sim

Su-35 is being developed by a Russian team of programmers.

This press release was received from Graph Land on Oct 28,1998:

" The flight simulator of a modern fighter Su-35 allows to be trained to full course of flying training from flying school (flight, landing, simple flying and aerobatics) up to paired and group flying. The flying editor opens wide possibilities for compiling the flight mission of any complexity, and the network variant of game makes its more brisk and unpredictable.

The basic advantages of the project:
  • First flight simulator of a high degree of reality, developed specially for the Russian market.
  • Large set of demonstration flights (with involvement of test-pilots - Kvochur, Garnaev ..)
  • By logic prolongation of the project Su-35 is the creation battle simulator, including a great many of types of planes and other (non)military objects, extensive system of missions and companies, and using real cartographical landscapes.
  • The beta version will be available in December 98, but only for Russian market. The English version may be available only next year."
Oleg Nosarev, Graph Land

Air refuelling in Su-35

Nice camouflage

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