Total Air War by Digital Image Design is a simulation of the next generation in Air Warfare. Total Air War by Digital Image Design is a simulation of the next generation in Air Warfare.
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What does the patch fix?

Bug Fixes
Fixed the problem of taxiing not working later in a campaign
Fixed AWACS skip-it bug
Fixed engine spool up sounds
You cannot now say "yes" or "no" in EMCON 1
Fixed wingmen range to fire bug
Fixed autopilot no fuel bug

Patch Additions
Added Support for Union Reality hardware
Added help message when trying to send messages in EMCON 1
Can now skip (SHIFT+S) while under threat on the ground
Can now drop tanks in EMCON 1
Chaff and flare now enabled in EMCON 1

Removed From This Version Of Total Air War
The "Go to Noise con 5 message' when getting ready to taxi
The "Push one" message in relation to wingmen taxiing
Player escort supply helicopter missions

In addition we have added new options for the game.cfg file. To use these, simply go to the directory in which you have installed Total Air War, open the program directory and edit the game.cfg file within it using Wordpad or Notepad. Add one or all of the lines below to bottom of the file. After each line is a short description of it's function. DO NOT add this to the game.cfg, only add the lines in upper case.
This will put the player's flight on the runway at the start of any campaign mission (Just like a scramble mission). The player can then just takeoff and start the mission. You don't need to wait for any messages from the tower.
This will put you in the world when the other flights in your mission have taken off. If you set the above flag also you will be able to get your mission underway very quickly.

This means that when you land and rearm your wingmen will also be rearmed. This will happen even if your wingmen are in the air.

This means that you will get a mission success for landing at any allied airbase. The completion events will still state your real home base however.

Gives you 1750 cannon rounds on hard difficulty .

Disables plane to plane collisions on the ground.

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