Tornado, a combat flight simulation by Digital Integration. Tornado, a combat flight simulation by Digital Integration Tornado, a combat flight simulation by Digital Integration
Exhibit: Tornado (1993)

Commodore Amiga Mega-Sim!

Front cockpit -
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Rob "Bomber" Henderson reported :


This was THE mega-sim of the Amiga years. The game was huge, the manual was huge, the key command reference card was huge, the gameplay was awesome, and for the Amiga, the graphics were just stunning - especially if you had the ability to run it on a higher spec like the 1200.

The sim was based around RAF Tornado operations, and your career followed the lines of the RAF, gaining respective ranks and medals.

You had a vast selection of training missions to help in teaching you how to operate the aircraft and it's equipment. The training really was far more complex than anything else I had seen or experienced in a military based flight sim. The sim re-created the fact that the Tornado is a 2 seater, and gave you full control over pilot and navigator cockpits.

You also had the ability to fly either the IDS or the ADV version ( bomber or interceptor ), known as the Tornado GR.1 and Tornado F.3 respectively.

The flight dynamics were mind blowing, and I ended up photocopying many of the charts and tables in the manual and having them stuck on the body of the Amiga and around the TV for quick reference!

The choice of weapons was vast, and all had unique characteristics.

The choice of weapons deployment methods was mind boggling. For example Paveway LGBs. Use the laser right? Yes, or you could do laydown, divebombing, toss bombing or manual. The main system for the LGBs was the TIALD pod, which is built internally on the IDS version for this sim ( the RAF GR.Mk4 Tornado ).