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Tornado, a combat flight simulation by Digital Integration. Tornado, a combat flight simulation by Digital Integration Tornado, a combat flight simulation by Digital Integration
Exhibit: Tornado (1993)

Commodore Amiga: Training

Rob "Bomber" Henderson reported :

The training missions were done through several stages - you had basic training / conversion ( learning the basic flight operations and procedures plus using autopilot including terrain following ), then onto the TWCU - the Tornado Weapons Conversion Unit. This is where you learnt to fight with the Tornado and learn all you need to know about the avionics, radar and weapons plus all the defensive equipment.

Then onto the final stage the Tornado OCU, here you got to put all your training into effect and fly missions with other Tornados from your new squadron. The mission planning was very complex on the multi-aircraft missions and exact time-keeping was essential as some of the attack patterns were very elaborate. You could have eight Tornados attacking an airbase for example, but all coming in from different directions all at the same height ( to confuse air defenses ) but with maybe even as little a second or two between the attacks to avoid any mid-air collisions or getting fragged by someone else's bombs. There was also a short course at the ADV OCU, where you found out how to use the Skyflash and Sidewinder missiles, plus using the cannon in air-air engagements.

The flight planning on the PC was as realistic as you can get - in fact as far as I am aware, the basic software for the planning in the sim was MORE advanced than anything that the real RAF had in operation at the time. The RAF now use an advanced mission planning computer which is supposedly a direct development from what was seen in the Tornado sim.

Sadly, on the Amiga, the campaigns were made up of fixed objective missions and you had no real control over the preparations or target selection. This decision was made due to a lack of power on behalf of the Amiga.

One other fine testament to this sim is this : at the RAF College Cranwell ( where all trainee RAF Officers go plus everyone who applies to be aircrew in the RAF and Royal Navy ) there was a cockpit setup in the main reception room - running Di's Tornado all day long - on which you were encouraged to get some flying time on ( when you had spare time during the interviews and tests you had to do ) as they thought it was good preparation for your possible future career as a fighter pilot!!