Tornado, a combat flight simulation by Digital Integration. Tornado, a combat flight simulation by Digital Integration Tornado, a combat flight simulation by Digital Integration
Exhibit: Tornado (1993)

Commodore Amiga: Terrain Folloiwing Radar (TFR) in Tornado (1993)

Front cockpit -
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Rob "Bomber" Henderson reported :

The TFR was an excellent piece of kit when operational, which could be linked to the autothrottles and nav waypoints.

The TFR could handle heights down to 100ft and over 700kts. You also had a little display called the E-scope. It was linked to the moving map display and sat nav system, and gave you a side profile of the terrain ahead. The terrain would become exaggerated on the display the higher your airspeed - fairly steep hillsides would turn into near vertical cliffs - which showed you what sort of manoeuvres the Tornado would be required to perform to avoid the terrain at the present speed.

On one flight in a campaign, I actually had a collision with a BMP IFV as I (just) cleared the crest of a hilltop. I was severely damaged but not down, but was able to nurse the aircraft back to friendly lines before having to get out and walk. In the de-briefing I was actually credited with a BMP kill !!

Without the TFR and with a bit of practice, you could get some very interesting manual flying down in the weeds at quite respectable speeds - literally a few feet above the tree tops. It has to be said, the impression of speed at low level, even on the Amiga was phenomenal.