Tornado, a combat flight simulation by Digital Integration. Tornado, a combat flight simulation by Digital Integration Tornado, a combat flight simulation by Digital Integration
Exhibit: Tornado (1993)

Commodore Amiga: Weapons in Tornado (1993)

Rob "Bomber" Henderson reported :

ALARM anti-radar missile had several firing options.
You could have them programmed to be fired at a specific waypoint / target.

They could be locked and launched manually, or they could be launched randomly and made to loiter! The missile would zoom climb on it's rocket motor, then cut the motor and deploy a parachute, on which it would gently fall to earth while monitoring the surrounding area for miles around for any hostile radar signals.

If nothing was detected it would self destruct at a very low altitude. If something come on, it would ignite the motor, cut the 'chute and zoom on down for the kill.

Fantastic weapon!

The cannon shook the aircraft when fired and sounded awesome. Targets for the cannon could be designated by radar or you could aim manually using the fixed "iron sight".

Even the thrust reversers had operational limitations and if you used them outside these parameters you could end up with flame-outs or even catastrophic explosions.

The wing sweep mechanism could fail through battle damage making your escape back to allied lines and landing more than interesting.