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North Vietnamese campaign

Date : 20th September 1965
Time : 11 : 15
Player Aircraft : MiG-21
Airfield : Vinh Airbase

Mission overview

" This evening we are going to attack Quantri airbase. This Marine base has been a staging ground for too long. Take out the radio station and tower on the north end of the base. Watch for intense flak. "


" Watch out for intense FLAK . "

- At last I got to fly the the coveted MiG-21 !! Well I didn't have to wait too long really. Can't complain.

Let's see if it responds better than the MiG-17. Woo--hoo a night mission.... mmm the briefing said 11 am, never mind.

The first difference I noticed was that the take-off roll was much longer and takeoff speed seemed to be around 180 knots. Intial climb out had to be gentle, I stalled a few times.

The night sky looked good, dark blue shades with a blanket of stars. After strafing the Marine base with every rocket in the NV arsenal (I had unlimited weapons selected as usual) and flattening practically everything I headed for home. There were still a couple of bandits floating about - from the sound and speed I assume they were choppers as I couldn't actually see them.

Couldn't see much at all actually except the tracers from AA and my burning wings! Quickly nipping into "invincible" mode I flew home and had to exit without landing as the gear would only extend 80 %.

Anyway I earned a promotion and another stripe... and star.

Vietnam Air War

Vietnam Air War

Vietnam Air War

These screenshots were created with a Hercules 3D Prophet III Titanium 500.

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