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North Vietnamese campaign

Date : 2nd March 1966
Time : 17 : 15
Player Aircraft : MiG-17
Airfield : Vinh Airbase

Mission overview

" Hueys are picking up troops and dropping supplies near Cho Ben. Our ground forces having been fighting heroically unfortunately the area has been patrolled by Stingers and they are taking a toll on our ground troops. Take out the Stingers and then have a go at the U.S. ground troops. "


" The Stinger (AC-119G) were armed with four 7.62mm SUU-IIA/IA minigun pods, one more minigun than the three carried aboard the AC-47s, and with the increased ammo supply afforded by the larger payload capacity, the AC-119G was about 25% more effective than the AC-47. "

- Really I should have been able to carve up the AV-119G's but to me the MiG-17 was sluggish in the pitch axis.

The environmental lighting was good.

Vietnam Air War

Vietnam Air War

Vietnam Air War

These screenshots were created with a Hercules 3D Prophet III Titanium 500.

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