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North Vietnamese campaign

Date : 29th March 1967
Time : 17 : 15
Player Aircraft : MiG-17
Airfield : Kep Airbase

Mission overview

" On March 29 1967 USN aircraft struck various targets in the city of Hanoi. At this point in time this was the largest North Vietnamese victory with the loss of 3 F-4 fighters in one day. "


" US Navy launched 24 aircraft to strike in and around Hanoi. 8 MiGs were sent to engage them, none were lost. "

- Hmmm, well I seemed to lose all my wingmen! They flew off into the clear blue sky so I was left to round up the USN fighters - who, it must be said, didn't put up any kind of a real fight.

Vietnam Air War

simple as one...

Vietnam Air War


Vietnam Air War

three... !

These screenshots were created with a Hercules 3D Prophet III Titanium 500.

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