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North Vietnamese campaign

Date : 23rd August 1967
Time : 07 : 15
Player Aircraft : MiG-21
Airfield : Phuc Yen Airbase

Mission overview

" Ground troops are moving supplies through Eastern Laos to the Vietcong in South Vietnam. The Amercians have been strafing and bombing our troops daily, It is time to increase our kill ratio. "


" 40 USAF a/c are detected over Laos en route to Hanoi. 2 MiG-21s and 2 flights of 4 MiG-17s are scrambled from Phuc Yen. The MiG-21s attack the enemy from behind, the MiG-17s from ahead. The MiG-21's shoot down one F-105D and one F-4E. The MiG-17s shoot down 2 F-105Ds and one F-4E. "

- This was more like it - a target rich environment. Still the fast jets didn't put up much of a fight - the props presented a bit of a challenge.

Vietnam Air War

Vietnam Air War

I just missed this guy.
That's his plane going down in front.

Vietnam Air War

Just missed!

These screenshots were created with a Hercules 3D Prophet III Titanium 500.

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