Wings Over China

Wings Over China was published by Abacus

It adds aircraft, scenery, objects and missions to Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator (1998).

Aircraft :
  • P-40B Tomahawk (Chinese AVG)
  • P-40E Kittyhawk (USAAF/Chinese AVG)
  • F2A Buffalo (fighter)
  • Bristol Blenheim MkIV (RAF)
  • B-25C Mitchell (USAAF)
  • SB-3 Tupelov (USSR)
  • Ki-27 Nate (fighter)
  • Ki-43 Oscar (fighter)
  • A6M Zero (fighter)
  • Ki-21 Sally (heavy bomber)
  • Ki-48 Lily (light bomber)
  • Ki-30 Ann (light bomber)
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