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A-10 Cuba A-10 Cuba A-10 Cuba A-10 Cuba
Title - A-10 Cuba

Hardware requirements

Date Specs Comments
  • IBM compatible PC
  • Windows® 95
  • 486 DX2/66 MHz
  • 8 MB RAM
  • 70 MB of hard disk space
  • VESA local bus (VLB) or PCI video with 1 MB RAM256-color SVGA (640 x 480) video card
  • Sound Blaster 16-compatible sound card
It ran fluidly on an average machine
2006 Wind XP in Win 95 mode It was still not the most stable solution! Nonetheless I managed to construct two Air Combat 'Feature films' and a few 'shorts' using analog MiG technology (a hand held handycam).

The Radar Warning Receiver in A-10 Cuba (1996)