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Air Power - The Cold War
Title: Air Power: The Cold War (2000)

Boeing B-52F Stratofortress
MiGMan's Combat Diary I took these pictures on the Hakodate Dawn mission at 1300 hrs.

Starting this beast up and watching the Engine indicators - count them! - come to life is fun. Landing it is even more fun!

These screenshots were taken in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002.
Pilot's notes Produced in the late 50's, the F models were distinct in that they were the first aircraft to be involved in the Vietnam conflict.

This model depicts the first version of camouflage that was applied to the B-52 in the late 60's. 550173 was retired 22/09/71.
  • Length: 160 Feet 10 Inches
  • Wing span: 185 Feet
  • Weight: 488,000 lbs (Max. T/O Weight)
  • Weight: 190,000 lbs (Empty)
  • Power: 8 X 13,750 lb st P&W J57-P-43WB's
  • Maximum Speed: 516 kts
  • Range: 7,500 miles
AFX Designer : Eric Johnson & Michael Davies
Panel : Phil Perrott
MP : Michael Davies
Cockpit Boeing B-52F Stratofortress Boeing B-52F Stratofortress
Recon images Boeing B-52F Stratofortress Boeing B-52F Stratofortress Boeing B-52F Stratofortress