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Air Power - The Cold War
Title: Air Power: The Cold War (2000)

Hawker Hunter F.6
MiGMan's Combat Diary Fly it in N.A.T.O. Mission 1.
Pilot's notes From the flight of the first prototype in 1951, it was clear the Hunter was a thoroughbred. Highly agile and capable of going supersonic in a shallow dive, all the various marques of Hunter were a delight to fly and much admired by their pilots. Many still fly today in the hands of private owners. Total production was 1,985, 79 types flew with 17 air forces.

This aircraft is a representation of XG207 'F' of No. 1 Sqn, RAF Stradishall in 1960 - 1961.
Cockpit Hawker Hunter F.6 Hawker Hunter F.6
Gauges - actual size
Recon images Hawker Hunter F.6 Hawker Hunter F.6
These screenshots were taken in Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator (1998).