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Air Power - The Cold War
Title: Air Power: The Cold War (2000)

Mission Name N.A.T.O. Mission 9
Protect the Enemy
A/c Gloster Javelin Mk.5
Briefing A Tu-16 Badger and its crew have decided to defect to the West and are circling your base trying to get permission to land. You and your wingman are escorting the defector and must defend him from the attacking MiGs who will do anything to shoot down their erstwhile comrade.

Objective - Destroy the attackers.
Mission planning by Phil Perrott, April 2000
MiGMan's Combat Diary He he - those MiG-19 's are pretty good, and determined to down their defecting comrade. Not once have I managed to protect the Tupolev Tu-16 ‘Badger’ , but , not to worry, the dogfighting is excellent..
Gun camera footage N.A.T.O. Mission 9 N.A.T.O. Mission 9 N.A.T.O. Mission 9 N.A.T.O. Mission 9