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Air Power - The Cold War
Title: Air Power: The Cold War (2000)

Mission Name N.A.T.O. Mission 10
End Game
A/c F-100D Super Sabre
Briefing Intelligence reports indicate that the Soviets are arming some bombers with nuclear weapons which will be used against NATO targets. Only your F-100 has been able to penetrate the defences. Destroy the bombers as they take off with your guns and rockets and then escape Westwards if you can, but beware - these Badgers are no easy game !

Objective - Destroy the Tu-16 bombers at the airbase.
Mission planning by Phil Perrott, April 2000
MiGMan's Combat Diary Those Tupolev Tu-16 ‘Badger’ 's are deadly shots with the tail gun. I was shot to pieces several times before I managed to nail one. At least the MiG-19's which turn up only have forward facing cannon!

Finally, after disposing of the Tupelov's and MiG I headed home on 'warp drive' - and about 105 miles from home ran out of gas!

Fortunately I was 3 miles out from an airstrip and managed to 'dead stick' it in.>

A fun mission.
Gun camera footage N.A.T.O. Mission 10 N.A.T.O. Mission 10 N.A.T.O. Mission 10 N.A.T.O. Mission 10