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Air Power - The Cold War
Title: Air Power: The Cold War (2000)

Sukhoi Su-11 'FISHPOT-C'
Pilot's notes The Su-11 first went into service in 1968 as a replacement for the ageing Su-7 and Su-9 and benefited from its predecessors' extensive combat history in other Warsaw Pact countries.

It was designed as an all-weather interceptor and had a phenomenal climb rate, with a service ceiling of 55,000 ft. Around 1000 were produced and upgraded versions served well into the 1980s with the Soviet AF.
MiGMan's Combat Diary I love the Angle of Attack meter in this cockpit..

Here I'm turning to land, pulling about 17 degrees AOA and 2G. When you hit 30 degrees AOA the stall warning starts ticking loudly. You can even enter high speed stalls by wrenching back on the stick too aggressively at speed.

Sukhoi Su-11 'FISHPOT-C' Sukhoi Su-11 'FISHPOT-C'
Recon images Sukhoi Su-11 'FISHPOT-C'
Hey! I found a couple of V-2's left over from WW2. Don't ask me exactly where because before I could get the coordinates I crashed while jockeying about for another photo run.

Sukhoi Su-11 'FISHPOT-C'
The Control Tower at EGAF Scholdmow.

Sukhoi Su-11 'FISHPOT-C' Sukhoi Su-11 'FISHPOT-C'
These screenshots were taken in Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator (1998).