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Air Power - The Cold War
Title: Air Power: The Cold War (2000)

Avro Vulcan B Mk.1
MiGMan's Combat Diary I did have a look at RAF Waddington in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 but the scenery was very sparse. At least the British bases get a good showing, unlike the poor Russians!

To see the mighty Vulcan in action check out the James Bond movie Thunderball. What an utterly fantastic looking aircraft - a flying sculpture!

These screenshots were taken in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 near RAF Valley, UK.
Pilot's notes The prototype Vulcan, the Avro 698, first flew in 1952 and was a great success.

This radical airframe was designed as a long-range nuclear bomber, but had the manouverability of a fighter. Of the 3 British V-Bombers it is the Vulcan which was most popular with pilots and public alike.In its B2 guise it adapted well to the low-level role and was used in anger during the Falklands campaign.

This aircraft is from No. 230 OCU, RAF Waddington, mid/late 1950's.
  • Length: 97 feet 1 inch
  • Wing span: 99 feet
  • Weight: Loaded 170,000 lbs.
  • Power: 4 x Olympus 102, 12,000 lb.s.t.
AFX Designer : Chris Lampard / Colin Norwood
Date: August 1999 / March 2000
Cockpit Avro Vulcan B Mk.1 Avro Vulcan B Mk.1
Gauges - actual size
The NAV panel displays your trim settings - what a good idea!
Recon images Avro Vulcan B Mk.1 Avro Vulcan B Mk.1 Avro Vulcan B Mk.1
Note the crew entry stairs.