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Convair B-36B 'Peacemaker'

MiGMan's Combat Diary Have a weekend with nothing to do? Off you go then, on a 2 day flight without landing! Because that's the sort of thing you can do in a B-36.
Pilot's notes " Dogged by controversy and funding problems during its design phase in the latter years of WW2, as well as performance issues during its 10 years in service, the B-36 remains a true wonder of the aeronautical age.

Powered by 6 28-cyl radials (and later 4 turbojets as well), the B-36 flew high and slow. It was not uncommon to stay aloft for 2 days without refuelling. The last B-36 was retired in 1958 when the type was replaced by the B-52. "

Air Power Cold War
These screenshots were taken in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 near RAF Mildenhall, UK.




Air Power Cold War
Default cockpit

Air Power Cold War
Gauges - actual size

Air Power Cold War

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