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Air Power - The Cold War
Title: Air Power: The Cold War (2000)

Hardware & Operating Systems

Date OS Comments
2000 Windows 95, 98 Minimum requirements
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000/98 or Combat Flight Simulator
  • Pentium II 266 PC
  • Windows 95, 98
  • 32 Mb Ram,
  • 398Mb Hard drive space for FS2000 Install
  • 173Mb Hard drive space for FS98 and CFS install
  • CD ROM Drive
  • Sound Card.
    Recommended requirements
  • Pentium III 450 or higher
  • 64Mb or more RAM
  • 3D graphics accelerator card
  • Monitor capable of 1024x768 resolution
  • 3D Sound card.
    This is one of those rare cases where the printed minimum requirements are really all you need to run the product. I used my Celeron 466 Mk II with a Hercules 3D Prophet III Titanium 500 graphics accelerator. Neither the airbases, the missions or the aircraft imposed a significant load on the system.

Tupolev Tu-142 'BEAR-F'' Vickers Valiant B.Mk.1