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Air Power - The Cold War
Title: Air Power: The Cold War (2000)

Installation - Flight Sim 2002

These notes are from the release notes with my own comments in brackets.

The objects, buildings etc. are displayed well. Both sceneries show ground texture flickering, which makes them less than perfect - we suggest you disable them.

( It's a shame about that flickering ground texture - it is quite annoying, but the scenery objects are good and don't place a strain on the CPU. An option to disable the flickering texture and leave the objects would be nice. )

The aircraft basically look OK and work, some minor issues may occur : - gear not retracting - ( all the gear worked in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002)

- minor texture flickering - (Very minor - usually in the exhaust, for example)

- occasionally an error message occurs after selecting an aircraft: Cannot find the model [xy] in the library. .. where [xy] is the name of the aircraft. The aircraft loads anyway. (Correct, this only occured on 2 or 3 aircraft and they loaded anyway. The only exception was the Mirage IV which crashed Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002.)

Conclusion: In general the aircraft work in FS 2002 (apart from minor issues), the sceneries should be deactivated.

EGAF Scholdmow

The airbases were designed for Microsoft Flight Simulator 98 and Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator (1998), so as you would expect there are some flickering ground textures when you run them in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002.