Airport and Scenery Designer 2.0 Airport and Scenery Designer 2.0
Exhibit - Airport Scenery Designer 2.0
Release Date - 2002
Platform - PC
Host sim - Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002
Developer -
Publisher - Abacus
In collection - No
Comments - Airport Scenery Designer 2.0 was published by Abacus in 2002. It enabled you to create new scenery, airports and objects in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002.


  • Easy to use! Multiple views let you work in varying levels of detail
  • Creates scenery for Flight Simulator and Combat Flight Simulator.
  • Complete airport design package - easily add runways, lighting, ILS and markers, taxiways, hangars and buildings.
  • Extensive U.S. map set pinpoints any geographic area in which you wish to work.
  • Selectively include or exclude (by name) any of the U.S. roads, highways, rivers, lakes, cities in your scenery
  • Set of detailed global coastline maps lets you build scenery around the world.
  • Enhanced tool for creating coasts and shorelines.
  • Include or exclude any or all of the original Flight Simulator airports and navigation aids in your new design.
  • Instantly create new navigation aids - VORs and NDBs.
  • Design large uniform areas by visually selecting the texture and quickly laying tiles (six sizes).
  • Design other large areas by visually selecting the texture and drawing multi-point polygons.
  • Easily add authentic mountains (single peak, twin peak and mesa) and realistic lakes to your scenery.
  • Adjust scenery textures for different seasons.
  • Choose from a large library of pre-designed objects - ships, storage tanks, water towers, more.
  • New elevated mesh terrain scenery
  • Elevated surfaces for mesa-style mountains
  • Various beacon styles
  • Various lighting styles
  • Airport, runway and taxiway signs
  • Varying levels of zooming for detail work
  • BONUS - Airport and Scenery Designer package also includes the Florida scenery with 80+ airports created exclusively with ASD by author Peter Jacobson.

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