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ATF by Janes Combat Simulations.

Easter Eggs

Title - Advanced Tactical Fighters

Easter Eggs

From The Easter Egg Archive TM eeggs.com

Fly Dinosaurs Instead of Fighter Jets

Source: Lim Kian Cheong a.k.a. Sub-Zero
  1. Start ATF Gold
  2. Hold down on the right hand side CTRL, ALT and SHIFT
  3. While still holding down the keys, click on any missions
  4. Then click on the aircraft's name to change aircrafts
  5. Fly on the plane name Qua*** (can't recall) but there's only two planes' name starting with 'q'
  6. You'll notice you're flying in a dinosaur, with 750 Vomit ammo and 4 boulder bomb
  7. Try the Atomic Moth, it's the same in previous versions, including USNF Gold and USNF 97