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B-17 Flying Fortress: The Mighty Eighth B-17 Flying Fortress: The Mighty Eighth B-17 Flying Fortress: The Mighty Eighth
Exhibit: B-17 Flying Fortress: The Mighty Eighth

The people behind B-17 The mighty Eighth


Dominic Robinson - Project Leader and Programmer

Dominic has been in the industry since 1986, working at Hewson Consultants, Graftgold, Vektor Grafix, MicroProse and most recently Psygnosis (Head of Software Engineering). Dominic has lead the development of or developed engine technology for the following products: Uridium (Sinclair Spectrum), Zynaps (Spectrum), Anarchy (Spectrum), Flying Shark (Spectrum), Rainbow Islands (AtariST, Amiga), Simulcra (AtariST, Amiga), Space Shuttle Simulator (PC, AtariST, Amiga), Killing Cloud (PC, AtariST, Amiga), Death or Glory (PC, AtariST, Amiga), B17 (PC, AtariST, Amiga), Assault Rigs (PC, PlayStation), G-Police (PC, PlayStation), Overboard (PC, PlayStation.

Andrew Walrond - Programmer

Andrew has been in the industry since 1990, working at Vektor Grafix, MicroProse, Psygnosis and Revolution Software (Development Manager) before founding Walrond Software Research in 1995. Andrew has been involved with the following published products : Shuttle Simulator (Amiga), B17 (PC, Amiga), The Legacy (PC), Fields Of Glory (PC), Beneath a Steel Sky (Amiga, PC), Broken Sword (PC). He has recently developed the physics and flight model engines for The Mighty Eighth.

Andrew and Dominic have, between them, been directly responsible for, or major contributors to, in excess of 37 completed and shipped SKUs of more than a dozen different products.


Andrew Crowley - Programmer

Andy has a B.Eng. Computer and Microelectronic Systems, and an M.Sc. in Music Technology. He joined Psygnosis Ltd in 1994. His experience includes PlayStation, DOS & Win95 DirectSound Sound Drivers used in a variety of games including: Assault Rigs, Wipe-out, Wipe-out 2097, G-Police, Overboard & Nations. Andy was also involved in the Capcom DarkStalkers/Vampire PlayStation conversion. Andy was key to many of Psygnosis' OEM deals, being Involved in the conversion of Destruction Derby to Diamond Edge card, G-Police Win95 conversion, including Direct3D, DirectInput, DirectSound, and Aureal A3D version.

He most recently worked on 'Special Forces', including writing the D3D DX6 code including many of the newest features of Direct3D, and a similar layer for Glide.

Andy Thomason - Programmer

Andy Thomason is an experienced high and low level software developer. He previously worked for Psygnosis in Stroud where he was a member of the technology group under Dominic Robinson. Prior to that he worked on a large number of projects including graphics engines, video compression and networked publishing systems.

Attila Roth - Artist

Attila has been involved in the games industry for over six years, since he started work for Novotrade Software International in Budapest. In his two years with Novotrade, Attila worked on three products, Peter Pan, Around the World in 80 days and Jungle book. After a short interlude working on animation's for Hungarian TV, Attila was back in games, this time working for Arc Developments in Walsall, where he worked on Johnny Bazookatone, Fly Fishing by J.R. Hartley and 4-4-2 Soccer. Leaving Arc developments in October '96 Attila joined Bristol based Walrond Software Research Ltd where he worked on graphics for various projects.

Charles Rawlins - Animator/Graphic Artist from February

Charles Rawlins is an award winning Animator who has been in the industry since 1997 working for a number of companies most recently on CodeMasters Prince Nasseem Boxing. In addition to Animation skills he has also provided models and sets for work shown on S4C, BBC and Channel 4.

Chris Keegan - Programmer

Chris has worked in the industry since 1995. Prior to joining Wayward, he was senior programmer at Walrond Software Research where he worked with Andrew Walrond on all aspects of product technology development. He has extensive experience of networking, 3D graphics, applications and tools development, including 3D Studio MAX plugins.

Claire Cooper - Artist

Claire has a Technical Illustration background and has been in the industry for over 3 years. Before joining Wayward, Claire was an artist for Psygnosis in Stroud and worked on G-Police, G-PoliceII Weapons of Justice and Special Forces. This involved high and low detail modelling for ingame graphics and marketing Prior to that Claire worked for Rage in Birmingham on Jonah Lomu Rugby.

David Harris - Artist

While completing a Two year diploma course in Computer Generated Imagery at Dublin's Ballyfermot Senior College, David worked, part time for a Multimedia Software company in Dublin named Cellmedia where he worked on developing educational software for undergraduate medical students at University College Dublin. After finishing college he went to work for another Multimedia company, this time a consultants: RMC Design+Multimedia Consultants, where he worked on a number of short projects for various clients. .Shortly after this, David joined Psygnosis in Stroud where he worked for a year and a half on 'Special Forces' before coming to Wayward Design.

Gavin Whitlock - Programmer : Joins in March 99

Gavin joins us from Psygnosis' Stroud studio. He has worked on Assault Rigs, G-Police, and is Lead Programmer on G-Police II Weapons of Justice. Gavin also headed up the Japanese conversion of G-Police.

Graham Davis - Studio Manager

After completing an honours degree is Systems Analysis Graham spent 2 years at Oracle Corp as database analyst designer. He then founded Dental Systems Design (DSD) and, with a team of 10 developed Britain's first Windows based Dental Practice Clinical and administration system. DSD was sold to Denplan Ltd in 1996 and is Britain s best selling Dental System.

Graham then joined Psygnosis as Senior Producer on G-Police. He then became Head producer of the Stroud Studio and had involvement in the following internal and external games: G-Police, Overboard!, Nations Fighter Command, Panzer Elite, Rollcage, G-Police II Weapons of Justice, Special Forces.

Iain Howe - Internal Producer & Researcher

Coming from an IT background, Iain previously worked for 21st Century Entertainment Ltd where he was latterly their Senior Producer, and Software Manager co-ordinating up to four external projects at any one time, including Slam Tilt, Pinball Construction Kit and Synnergist.

Since November 1997 Iain has been part of Wayward Design, Producing, Designing and Researching for "The Mighty Eighth" and fleshing out Concepts for future products.

Iain Thody - Artist : Joins March 99

Iain joins us from Psygnosis Stroud. Trained as a graphic Designer, Iain joined Psygnosis in 1997 and specialised in low poly in-game shapes in G-Police. Iain's formal design background soon began to show in the style set he created for many of the G-Police craft. This lead to him becoming the style set lead on G-Police II Weapons of Justice. Many of the startling graphical improvements present in GP2 are down to Iain's eye for style, form and function.

John Golding - Artist

After completing a degree in 3D Design - Industrial Design John worked for a short period for Lego, on a freelance basis, producing concepts for new products. He then joined Virtuality Entertainment Ltd..in 1994 as a Graphic Artist working on Virtual Reality games and applications, for customers such as Ford and Pepsi, until the company went into administration in 1997. Since then he has undertaken a Lead Artist role at Psygnosis Stroud working on the PC project `Special Forces` which involved planning and directing motion capture sessions, character modelling and general scheduling of the art content.

John Shave - Programmer

John obtained a BSc Hons in Mathematics and Computer Science. He started working the industry with Psygnosis at Stroud in March 1996 where he stayed until leaving to join Wayward. At Psygnosis John worked on the WW2 flight Sim project; Nations Fighter Command during which his primary responsibilities were for the physics models and the collision / damage code.

Ken Hall - Artist

Ken studied mechanical engineering and fine arts, specialising in sculpture, in Canada where he ran his own DTP business before moving to Britain and the games industry in 1994. Prior to joining Wayward, Ken was lead artist/animator on Rosco McQueen for ARC Developments and Slippery Snake Studio (when they took over the project). Before that, he worked on J.R Hartley's Fly-Fishing and Waterworld.

Mario D'Onofrio - Programmer

Mario Joined Psygnosis Ltd in 1994 after completing a BSc in Mathematics and an MSc in Computing at Imperial College, London. In his time at Psygnosis he has worked on all aspects of game development, choosing to specialise in the field of graphics and visualisation. He has worked on Playstation, PC DOS and Win95 platforms. He had major contributions to Assault Rigs, G-Police and Special Forces. His work on these projects has been used on other Psygnosis products including Overboard! and G-Police 2, and some recent techniques have been used on new Playstation software . Over the last year he has been responsible for developing a new PC 3D engine for the Stroud studio for Special Forces using many new techniques to make best use of new and upcoming 3D cards and directX.

Paul Brain - Programmer

Following a BSc in Mathematics at Bristol University Paul joined IPL, a contract software house as a programmer. Over the next 6 years Paul worked on real-time software systems for Westinghouse, Vodafone, Mercury Comms, Hewlett Packard and Sony Broadcast. In 1997 Paul joined Psygnosis to work as Lead programmer on the PC version of Special Forces.

Peter Baldwin - Artist

Peter has a degree in 3D Design and Product Design. Before joining Wayward, he was Design Manager at Rapid I.T. Group where he was responsible for 3D design, technical design, CAD modelling and Web site development. Prior to that he was principal partner in Mark Communications, a 3D design and animation group. In addition to his modelling and animation skills, he has demonstrated considerable aptitude and interest in games related graphics and concepts through his personal work over a number of years.

Ross Thody - Internal Producer & Designer

Ross completed a diploma in Software Engineering, and began work as a junior designer at Psygnosis.

After completing Assault Rigs on the PlayStation and PC, Ross was promoted to the lead designer. He then went on to design G-Police. During the development of G-Police he was promoted to producer and continued to work on G-Police until it's completion. He then established the design and planning stages for G-Police 2. Following this, he took on the production of two projects, Tanuki and Special Forces.

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