B-17 Flying Fortress: The Mighty Eighth 

Easter Eggs

This was posted on usenet:

"Scet" wrote:

"If you were to play the CD as you were to play a music CD, you would find that the 8th track is a Morse Code signal. This signal, once translated, spells, "L-Y-M-E-R-E-G-I-S" There is a town on the south England coast named "Lyme Regis".
Start a recon flight to the area of that town (you may want to find it on a map of England first) and fly low along the beach keeping a sharp look out. Keep looking and you will eventually find a flying saucer landed on the beach and two aliens sitting in lounge chairs!! You should also be able to faintly hear some strange 50's music coming from their radio! I found this on a site...haven't tried it as I haven't got the sim."

Bodegabay wrote:

"I £¥§© my pants when I heard it - their music has quite a range!
And i crashed two bombers to get near them, tho you dont have to go thru the same trouble i did... two aliens, sunbathing outside their saucer with weird brown-pants-inducing music.
They talk too. Most of what i could discern was:
... and I think they laughed as well.
Here are some pictures to prove they exist:

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The aliens
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