B-17 Flying Fortress: The Mighty Eighth 


Copy supplied by Hasbro, 2000.
Here's what the press are saying about B-17 The mighty Eighth
PC Gaming World (Aug 1999)
"With slavish attention to detail and historical accuracy, dazzling graphics and a campaign that promises replayability, we don't see how B-17 Flying Fortress 2 could possibly bomb."
PC Gaming World (Mar 2000)
"B-17 2 is shaping up as contender for sim of the year."
PC Zone (Mar 2000)
"Every now and again, a new sim comes along that gives the whole genre a kick in the pants, and B-17 2 looks like it more than fits the bill"
PC Zone (Aug 2000)
" there's enough quality here to keep anyone happy for months"
PC Gameplay (Jun 2000)
"This game is going to be an absolute belter"
PC Strategy Games (Aug 2000):
"This one is going to be a block-buster"
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