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Test Flight: August 2007 by Dan

This was a decent sim for the time. You basically are flting missions from Africa to Ploesti.

You select realism and start with your aircraft. You fuel up, bomb up and then it is take off time.

Flaps gear, all have to be right to get off the ground. Tioo much fuel and bombs make it tough.

You are given a bombing coordinates and escort and form up coordinates and must make each one.

Once altitude is reached you fly to target. Once in target zone and even before there are fighters and then flak. You select the realism and it can get hectic much like a B-24 was.

You must monitor engines and not feathering a damaged engine can spell disaster. Once you are over target you can be affected by wind. Open bomb bay doors and try to drop bombs on determined coordinates.

Then fly back through same flak and fighters. Once you land you are given a bomb damage assessment.

You must destroy the facilities within so much time. All lost aircraft take away from next mission. Select other targets and keep trying.

Ii never could destroy it all. It was not the best graphics but, entertaining and a challenge.


August, 2007

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