Exhibit - Carrier Command (1989)
Release Date - 1989
Platform - Atari St, PC, Commodore Amiga and Sinclair ZX Spectrum
Developer - Rainbird Software.
Publisher - Realtime Games Software.
In collection - Yes
Comments - One of the earliest and most addictive real time strategy games. It also had flight simulation components. I had the Atari ST version, a friend had the PC version.... it cracked me up that the enemy carrier steamed away at about 400 knots every time you got near it! I remember chasing that darn thing for weeks! When I finally caught up with it created about 5 saved games and pounded the carrier every which way!


Carrier Ops
Air Combat

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This game consisted of 2 files...total size 180 K......not 180 MEG as we are used to today but 180 K. At the risk of labouring the point, 180 K is only 0 .18 MB. That's small, very very small. VERY SMALL.

Artwork and packaging

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