Chuck Yeager’s Air Combat

A Danish convert

Lars Gramkow Nielsen from Denmark remembers how he got into CYAC:
Here's what was featured in The One for ST Games in June 1991. The One was split into seperate mags covering Amiga and ST in the early summer 1991 (don't remember if there was a PC mag as well - I was one of the approximately 8 people owning an Atari ST in Denmark back then : - ).

It is a preview of Chuck Yeager's Air Combat.
This was the game that finally convinced me that I needed to get myself a PC instead of my old ST
I had just started college at the time, and during the autumn of 1991 several of my classmates bought PCs. Then I saw Wolfenstein 3D running on a 386 with a Sound Galaxy soundcard (a nasty Soundblaster 16 Clone) sometime in 1992, and the little voice in my head started whispering ... PeeeCeee...
I wasn't wholly convinced though, until one early, cold and rainy monday morning (7.15 AM, pitch black, 2 degrees Celsius, rain pouring down) in October 1992.
I lived in the countryside south of Aalborg, so in order to get to college on time, I had to catch a bus very early in the morning, and change buses in downtown Aalborg. I was waiting for the bus, all soaked and miserable, so I decided to scoot the 50 meters to a PC store which usually had a pretty good window display.
They had a copy of Chuck Yeager's Air Combat running in demo mode. I watched the dogfight between the F-86 and the MiG-15 and I was awestruck. It was so much better and more fluid than anything I had seen until then. Then and there, I decided to start saving every dime I earned for a PC, which I got around 2 months later.
Funny though, I never actually got to fly CYAC. Instead I got tangled up in Aces of the Pacific, which I still have (I've kept all of my flight sims from 1992 onwards, so it's quite a nice little museum on its own : - ).
Ah, the nostalgia.. Hope I haven't bored you with my rambling."