In the Command and Control Phase you make decisions about:

  1. Your tactical goal for the upcoming battle
  2. The composition of your force

Let's evaluate the Victory Locations (VL) first:

  1. Easily defended West, difficult North and falling Back to 3 would be very exposed
  2. Low ground, little cover. A good chokepoint but you wouldn't want to defend there
  3. The bridge is an excellent chokepoint. You could defend from the houses to the East then fall back under covering fire from the trenches at 4
  4. Good trench systems, a well prepared defensive position with good fields of fire
  5. No cover, this Victory Location is best covered from the hills at 4. If the Germans advance this far you've lost control of the map

Soviet campaign Map 1
Soviet campaign Map 1

In Soviet mission 1 the briefing requires you to hold 1 victory location (VL) to win. The VL's are indicated by red stars on the briefing map.

Soviet campaign Map 1: Victory locations"  width=
Having evaluated the VL's then decide what type of defense you will mount.

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