Close Combat 2 is a refreshing change from battling the mindless and often S T U P I D minions we've had to deal with in previous RTS games!.... and that's only your own side I'm talking about!

There's also none of that annoying resource management... harvesting ore, grain or whatwever.... and no building. It's combat all the way.

Sometimes you do have to manage the expenditure of ammo, which once again I find adds to the immersion factor. I remember an ex-service friend watching me play one of those other RTS games. After half an hour or so he asked... "When do you run out of ammo?" When I replied that you didn't, he promptly lost interest!

I usually set the status bars to show ammo level.

Close Combat 3 works very smoothly in modem play, and you can progress through entire campaigns, with your performance in each battle affecting your start positions and resource points at the start of the next battle.

The game simulates real life weapons... and boy oh boy there are a lot of them!

I personally feel life is complicated enough without having to memorise a whole new set of fictitious weapons every time you get a new game. These fictional weapons are modelled on real world weapons anyway (beam and projectile weapons) so why not stick close to reality? It also means that you can get your hands on an endless supply of supporting material including books and videos.

As you would expect I tried commanding the Soviet side first. In the campaign they are on the back foot to start with, reflecting historical events as the German Wermacht pushed to within 25 miles of Moscow.

Flag of the Soviet Union

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