Basic Employment of Armour

  1. Protection: Use infantry for support and to seek out and destroy anti-tank weapons. Also provide fire support (mortars).
  2. Mutual Support: Position tanks for mutual fire support at all times. Use the Bounding Overwatch principle for movement...

  3. Tank A moves to the next objective under cover from Tank B. Then Tank B moves under cover of Tank A.
  4. Speed: When in open country move the tanks at best speed to the next cover. When moving though close terrain they should advance with the infantry support,
  5. Cover: Having reached the next objective, the tank should halt on a reverse slope, hull down and or under cover.
  6. Artillery or mortar rounds can at least cause a tank to "button up", reducing the crew's ability to see your troops.
    Artillery rounds can at least cause the tank to "button up" Close Combat 3: The Russian Front
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