A Brief overview by P.C.

"The latest in the ever-growing line of the Close Combat series (#4) has been a regular on my hard drive for some months now. Playing from an "overhead" perspective this real time strategy based in the Ardennes during WWII the "Battle of the Bulge" and puts you in command of either German or US Forces."

Your task force is normally limited to around 15 units of types that vary from a lone sniper to the Panther V tank, unlike previous versions you do not have control over the make up of the task force. There are a number of preset scenarios representing historically accurate missions or whole campaigns.

Battle of the Bulge also has a mission builder so you can create your own epics. Morale, leadership and tactics all have to be taken into consideration, so suicide mass attacks are generally out of the question.

Unit Patch of the 502nd Airborne

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