Here my troops are duking it out with a mechanised infantry, luckily there are a lot of buildings around to hide in. Those pumas and StuG's can really take the fun out of the day.

My medium infantry are taking the brunt of the German attack, sitting about 15 metres away from them is a StuG III and needless to say my boys don't really want to take it on all by themselves. More out of good luck than good planning I have a Bazooka team only 2 buildings away. Taking the safest route possible I order the Bazooka team into action.

After a few very stressful minutes the Bazooka boys arrive, now I get them to sneak up to the window until they are finally within line of sight. Great - only 22 metres and the targeting reticle shows they have a good chance of penetrating the side armour.

Now I've just to wait and:

  1. Hope my team can do the job
  2. Hope the StuG doesn't see them, and
  3. That there aren't any other German Forces nearby that I haven't seen yet

Fssshhhh-Bang-Boom. There's nothing like the sound of success and the yells of frustration from the German's.

Survived another engagement, but only just!

Hopefully if you do it right and lady luck is with you this will be your reward.


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