Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2
Exhibit: Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2

Artwork & packaging

Collectors Edition

Artwork & packaging

These are the physical components of the flight sim package. In the years 2010 onwards more and more software was purchased via download.

Box Box Art
Manual Manual The manual is thin, at 64 pages. There is an amusing typo where the Allied Unit Tree actually the NOD development tree - perhaps an example of the NOD disinformation campaign? Well as they say in the manual, this is a game you can play solely with the mouse, so a big manual isn't a necessity.
CD ROM CD ROM Jewel Case

CD ROMs 1 and 2     CD ROM 3 and DVD
  • CD 1 - Allied Disk
  • CD 2 - Soviet Disk
  • CD 3 - The soundtrack
  • DVD - Collector's Edition DVD
Figurines Pewter figure - Allied Chrono Legionnare     Pewter figure  - Allied Chrono Legionnare The pewter figure is a neat marketing ploy - you either get a Soviet Tesla Trooper or an Allied Chrono Legionnare. It stands about 70mm tall and contributes to about half the package weight! The boxes are numbered to add to their "collectability". Mine is number 50025.