Command and Conquer
Exhibit: Command and Conquer

Microcosmic God

When I was about 8 years old I read a short story by James Blish called "Microcosmic God".

The story described a lone scientist who, on a deserted island, created intelligent life forms in his lab. These life forms were very small, and learned at a fantastic rate. Peering upwards through the ceiling of their world, they saw the lone scientist as their deity.

The cursor of God
The cursor of God issues another edict

Pretty far out Sci-Fi at the time, but today, millions of people worldwide are in a sense recreating these experiments in the laboratory of their PC.

The Command and Conquer wasn't the first to enter what has become known as the Real Time Strategy genre (RTS), but to date it has been one of the most successful.

Airstrike - An A10 Warthog drops napalm
Airstrike - An A10 Warthog drops napalm

Running under DOS and in a pixellated 320 x 200 resolution didn't seem to detract from the thriling experience of ordering hordes of little soldiers and tanks to their inevitable destruction.

Command and Conquer's predecessor from Westwood Studios was Dune - based on the book by Frank Herbert and the movie starring Sting.

Infiltrating the NOD base
Infiltrating the NOD base