Command and Conquer
Exhibit: Command and Conquer

Command and Conquer: GDI Mission 15: My solution

This being the final GDI mission - and NOD having their "Back to the wall", I guess the mission designers felt justified in letting NOD "cheat" a little! This mission is very diffcult or impossible to beat if you don't beat NOD at it's own game.

The mission started with my lone MCV and Medium tank landing on the beach at lower left. My first problem was to defeat the Flame Tank. One Flame tank will decimate a base in short order and is certainly a match for the Medium Tank.

Eventually I worked out that the Flame Tank was only interested in my MCV - as long as the MCV kept moving. So the solution was simple - keep the MCV moving to the first destination in the lower centre of the map and set the Medium Tank to attack it.

On the map at right the yellow arrow points to an area where NOD will build a Hand of NOD, Power Station then an Obelisk of Light. To counteract this move I was ready with a couple of engineers ready to capture the NOD buildings as soon as they sprang up. Mind you - none of this seemed obvious at the time!

The next main objective turned out to be taking - and HOLDING - the NOD base on the right of the map. There is an Obelisk of Light in the top left of the base which was rebuilt over and over until I built a guard tower on that spot!

At a certain point in the mission NOD lanches a Nuclear Strike which wiped out a large portion of my base - this made it all the more essential to spread my assets out.

Many hours later ... with the second base secure I was ready to drive upwards to remaining Tiberium reserves and NOD's main HQ.

Mission map for GDI mission 15
Mission map for GDI mission 15

Occupy the central ground
Occupy the central ground