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Command and Conquer
Exhibit: Command and Conquer

Publisher: Westwood
Platform: PC | (various) consoles
Collection: Yes
Comments: A ground breaking innovater in the 1990s which brought real-time drama to the concept of table-top gaming. And obviated the need to read the rules and carry 16-sided dice!


The Command and Conquer series was a brilliant concept which revolutionised strategy gaming. Some say for the better, some say for the worse.

The series always boasted cinematic cut-scenes to support the entertaining story-lines, even back in the original 1995 editions.

I say for the better, because it allowed a quick and easy entry into the world of simulated ground battle. and table top gaming. The genius of the designers was to create an engrossing plot with accessible gamplay with scalability of difficulty. Plus, the elusive dynamics of play-balance were prety much nailed from the get-go.

The series is available nowadays in compilation packs which represent hours of fun and chuckles, ideal for playing on a laptop. Personally I have spent f-a-a-r-r-r too much time playing these games.


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