Dawn of Aces

MiGMan's Combat Diary 1998

It was with some trepidation that I opened this package.
I had read the biography of Mick Mannock several years ago and was sure that he made no mention of afterburners or missile shots. How much fun could it be?
The training missions are few in number and consist of dogfighting and strafing attacks on enemy bases. After making a nuisance of myself in this fashion for an hour or so I had seen just about all I wanted to see. Sure the aircraft all handle a bit differently, the sounds were nice, but...
The manual seemed geared towards online play. Ah well, I thought I'll give it a quick bash. On reaching IM's site I had to download two more bits of software, minor annoyance. Anyway I found the free trial area for Dawn of Aces and without great expectations pressed "Log On".
Suddenly I was standing on a tower watching various biplanes and triplanes weave and dodge in the distance. What the hey, I'll give it half an hour.
Three hours later.
Oh, oh... I'm getting wasted... AGAIN!
Forget about computer AI.
These guys (human types) set traps, used brackets, baits, did stall turns, flew below treetop level...... one guy even turned up with a rear seat gunner!
Strafing an enemy camp.
Deflection shooting becomes the order of the day.
These guys don't fly straight and level for very long.
You really need at least a joystick with a hat switch for the views and a set of rudders. Keep your head on a swivel and use the rudder to turn and go for snapshots.
My new mate Manock, a handy chap in a scrap!
My new mate Manock, a handy chap in a scrap! Two versus one is the way to go if you can set it up. One guy turns and burns while the "shooter" prowls around keeping his energy up and pouncing for the kill! It works too, as long as you don't spin in, rip the wings off, have a head on collision... believe me I did it all!
At last, a hit!
WarPig dealt out a thrashing to all and sundry.
WarPig dealt out a thrashing to all and sundry. But we got him him a couple of times, oh yes! (Forget about the fact that I spun in 3 times before I managed to get even one hit on him... )
Oh yes, I'll be back!
I want that medal!