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EF 2000 - Eurofighter.
EF 2000


Where are my wingmen?..... Oh I see there, is a long takeoff queue. A couple of minutes later I realised that they seemed to be circling the airfield.... pehaps I didn't give them waypoints? Anyway let's press on regardless...

Circling the base, waiting for my wingmen to takeoff

Approaching the fjiord

Here's the entrance to that waterway.. now if I follow this to the end then turn North I should find the target bridge.

Lo and behold my trusty wingmen turned up, I'm feeling much more secure now with 3 EuroFighters in tow.

Yoiks! This low level flight sure gobbles up the juice. Change of plan fellas, let's climb and head directly to the target.

Fuel required to get home.. a handy thing to know!

Fuel required to get home.. a handy thing to know!

We're in a fuel critical situation already! No use looking for a refueler because I haven't "mastered& that particular procedure. OK after climbing through the most impenetrable cloud I have ever seen we reached 20,000 feet. Look at the difference in the fuel situation now! Much more fuel efficiency up here.

10 Miles from the target and descending through the cloud my wingmen starting reporting "Spikes". I had seen a couple of aircontacts but hopefully the guys are just picking up SAM sites... did I say "just"!

What happened next?