Eurofighter Typhoon Operation Icebreaker

The 3D engine



The explosions were state of the art for the time of release - seeming to make good use of the Geforce feature sets. I initially flew the sim on a Voodoo based Creative 3D Blaster Banshee , then a Hercules GeForce 2 MX and finally a Hercules 3D Prophet III Titanium 500.
With each upgrade in graphics hardware the appearance of the explosions improved.
As well as the billowing clouds of black smoke and flashing fireballs, exploding aircraft would leave a trail of debris, each part seemingly with it's own physics and posing a definite navigation threat!


The terrain of Iceland is depicted in the sim as mountainous - there are no totally flat areas.
The ground texture is simple. I imagine this decision was taken to keep the frame rates up... anyway the effect of speed at low level is amongst the best I've experienced, and bear in mind that I was flying the sim on my Celeron 466 Mk II system - decidedly a low - end sim rig!
Because the terrain in this sim actually blocks radar signals the terrain becomes an important tactical consideration.
Terrain from 500 feet
Terrain from 5,000 feet
Terrain from 20,000 feet