Eurofighter Typhoon Operation Icebreaker : System Requirements

Tag HW/OS Comments
The sim installed with no problems. Direct X 7.0 is installed.
Note that the original Eurofighter Typhoon is installed in it's entirety along with the Eurofighter Typhoon Operation Icebreaker campaign and tweaks.
Pentium 266mhz or equivalent
DirectX 7 Compatible 3D Graphics Accelerator card with at least 8 Mb of onboard RAM
2x CD-ROM drive
350 MB HDD Install space
250 MB HDD Swap space available
A 16-bit stereo sound card compatible with DirectX 5 or above
Mouse, keyboard
Windows 95OSR2, 98SE, WindowsME or Windows 2000
64 Mb of RAM is the minimum; the game will take advantage of more.
I ran the sim perfectly on a Celeron 466 Mk II with a Hercules 3D Prophet III Titanium 500graphics card and 500 meg RAM.
The frame rate only decayed during heavy rain or snow, and then not to the point of stuttering, but just noticeably slower than the usual silky smooth ride.
I tested the sim in Windows 98 Second Edition. There were no crashes and I was able to page in and out of the sim using Alt - Tab with no ill effects.
The manual is available as a .pdf document after installation, along with the strategy guide.